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Posted on October 28th, 2008 by admin. Filed under necessary information.

There has been a lot of construction around our office lately. Washington Street has been dug up a number of times, buildings have been torn down and new ones built in their place – there has been a lot of activity here in the Washington Street Extension neighborhood of Nantucket. This neighborhood is built on fill, so the heavy equipment would cause the neighborhood to vibrate. One of my neighbors had two of his picture windows crack from the vibration.

I opened my water bill the other day, luckily on the day it arrived, and noticed my water bill had shot up – showing high usage in the off-season. I called the Wannacomet Water Co, one of our island’s water companies, and asked them to check for a leak. They later called back and confirmed that I did have a leak.

Wannacomet personnel came to the property along with my plumber, Bill Sarnie, and they were unable to locate the leak using listening devices. So…….it was up to Bill to find it in over two hundred feet of buried waterline. He guessed that it would be close to the street, due to all the construction that had been going on, and sure enough, he located it on the morning of the first day of digging. The job took a day when it could have taken two. Thanks Bill!

When the water was turned back on, I noticed that there was some grit in it initially and then all the toilets began to run. When I lifted up the lid in the tank, I saw a new mechanism that I wasn’t familiar with. After messing with it I realized that I needed some outside expertise, or I could do some damage. So once again I called Bill.

Thought the following video information would be useful so I post this today:


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